Overpronation is a common problem in runners and is often an overused and misused term. Overpronation occurs when the ankle rolls inwards at the ankle joint and is usually associated with a flattening of the longitudinal arch of the foot. The reason this gets so much publicity in the running community is that it is supposed to be a common cause of a lot of running injuries, though the evidence for that is very weak and may not be the case at all. Running shoes are typically made for mild, moderate and severe pronators, but the research evidence on outcomes when doing this is not that good. Overpronation may or may not need to be treated. It will need to e treated if it is contributing to the problem that the runner has. It should probably not be treated if it is not contributing to the problem that the runner has. The actual treatment of overpronation should be directed at the cause. There are many different causes so there is no one treatment that should be used. The treatment will depend on what caused the problem in the first place. All runners probably should read about the pronation myths.

Author: Craig Payne