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Overpronation is a common problem in runners and is often an overused and misused term. Overpronation occurs when the ankle rolls inwards at the ankle joint and is usually associated with a flattening of the longitudinal arch of the foot. The reason this gets so much publicity in the running community is that it is […]

Most serious runners hate treadmills. If you train enough miles per week that you actually call yourself a runner, most often you don’t want to be stuck inside running in place while looking at the wall. However, many people simply use running as a form of exercise and to control their weight and improve cardiovascular […]

Running is proven to be one of the most effective ways of losing weight and getting in shape quickly. Prominent weight loss authority Covert Bailey has said that the only thing that removes fat faster than running is a knife. One of the reasons this is true is that running burn a massive amount of […]

When most people think about running for exercise, they think about doing it to lose weight or build muscle or for its cardiovascular benefits. Yet running has mental benefits that in some ways have more impact than the simple physical benefits of exercise. We often hear about the “runner’s high”, but there is more to […]

Whether you are a competitive runner trying to improve your marathon time or just someone hoping to lose a few pounds and stay in shape, keeping a record of your running training can really improve the results you get. Knowing how much progress you have made can be a great incentive to keep your training […]

Most people start out running in order to try to lose weight or because they want to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Over time many of these fitness runners become interested in racing competitively, even if their main competition is simply trying to beat their own prior performance. One of the most popular race distances for […]

Most serious competitive runners hate treadmills. They often jokingly refer to them as “dreadmills”. However, for many busy fitness runners treadmills are vital tools without which their training programs would fall apart. Both serious competitive runners and fitness runners often find that a treadmill can greatly help to work around the normal problems of life […]

Toning shoes are those shoe that are designed to be unstable. This instability is supposed to make the muscles work harder when wearing the shoes, giving a ‘tone-up’. The design features that do this are things like rocker soles and ‘wobble board’ type features. There were many claims made by the manufacturers of these types […]

Peroneal tendonitis is not exactly a very common problem is runners, but can be a difficult condition to manage if you look at some of the comments on blog posts about it from runners who have it. The peroneal muscles are on the outside of the leg and the tendons pass around the outside of […]